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It can be difficult for clubs that are only open once or twice a week to sell foods that may go off or spoil.  You may think that this makes selling healthier options too hard.  Do not despair, there are plenty of ways you can sell better options at your canteen without ending up with a rubbish bin full of fresh food.   These menu items and tips can help you avoid waste.

  • Blend fresh fruit and yoghurt to make fruit and yoghurt iceblocks.  These can be kept in the freezer for 3 months
  • Frozen fruit cups or skewers are popular and can be kept in the freezer
  • Small packets of nuts and cheese and cracker packs tend to have a long shelf life and are better snacks than chips or lollies
  • Consider UHT (long life) milk poppers instead of fresh milk, as it has a longer shelf life
  • Freeze left over bread
  • Muffins, pikelets and scones can be made in advance freeze well for up to 3 months
  • Use frozen vegetables or freeze leftover cooked vegetables to use later
  • Freeze food (such as savoury mince for savoury mince rolls) in small portions or multiple containers.  You don’t want to have to defrost more than you need.

Food Safety Tip:  You should never re-freeze foods that have already been thawed.   Food can be frozen and defrosted once in its raw state, then once in its cooked state.

Article prepared by NAQ Nutrition as part of the Food for Sport Implementation Project

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