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Recipe: Tasty BBQ Burger

News & Events / Recipe: Tasty BBQ Burger

Transform your regular barbeque burgers with these quick, healthy and tasty additions!

Contribute to a healthy eating pattern for ALL your players, members and supporters – achieve healthy bodies and peak performance!

Get your club together with this BBQ favourite, or cook them up at home.


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Number of serves: 4

Preparation time: 10-15 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes




  • Barbeque, or frying pan & hot plate.
  • Spatula or tongs
  • Chopping board
  • Small sharp knife
  • Small bowls for serving



  • 4 wholemeal/wholegrain bread rolls
  • 400g/4 lean meat patties
  • 1 tablespoon of canola oil for cooking
  • 1 lettuce
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 2 brown onions
  • 4 slices (80g) of reduced-fat cheese



  1. Thinly slice the lettuce, tomato then onion (keep separated).
  2. Heat the barbeque hot plate on medium with ½ tablespoon of oil. Add onions and cook for 3-4 minutes until onions are lightly browned.
  3. Still using the hot plate, heat the remaining oil over medium-high heat. Add lean meat patties and cook for 4-5 minutes on each side or until cooked through.
  4. Cut your bread rolls in half and top with lettuce, tomato, patties, cheese and cooked onion.
  5. Serve and eat up!



  • Offer plenty of vegies – include a variety such as cucumber, beetroot, avocado, or spinach. Add some pineapple or potato slices to the barbeque for something extra.
  • Use herbs and spices for flavour – try pepper, lemon, and garlic or paprika, chilli and lime.
  • Making your own patties? Add some grated carrot and zucchini to the mix.
  • Cook up some tofu or vegie patties as an alternative to meat.



  • Make it a combo! Add a piece of fruit and a bottle of water for a value meal deal.
  • Choose lean meats as a good source of protein – ask your local supermarket or supplier.
  • Cook with oils like olive, canola, peanut and sunflower.


Preventing food waste:

  • Use any leftover salad items for sandwiches, wraps or a salad bowl.
  • Freeze your extra lean meat patties and defrost them as needed.


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