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Mental Health is more than a state of mind

Good mental health builds stronger clubs and helps everyone build their game. Clubs can help reduce the stigma around mental health problems and encourage people to seek help early. The new look Good Sports + Healthy Minds program is being rolled out in Tasmania and available to all clubs as of November 2014.

Mental health strengthens and supports our ability to have healthy relationships, handle the natural ups and downs of life and discover and grow toward our potential.

The Healthy Minds program is a complementary addition to Good Sports Tasmania and through the program, your club can:

  • Become a local information hub on mental health and responsible drinking
  • Build long-lasting community relationships and make ongoing support and referral contacts
  • Promote good mental health with responsible alcohol use in your club.

Through the Good Sports + Healthy Minds program, your dedicated Project Officer will work with you to increase your club members’ understanding of a range of topics associated with mental health. These include depression, anxiety, the risks associated with alcohol and drug use and mental health and the help available for mental health issues.

Specifically, through the Good Sports + Healthy Minds program:

  • Your club members are invited to attend a workshop to look at local issues affecting mental health
  • We work with your committee to help you develop your own action programs
  • Your club leaders are eligible for a short course in Healthy Minds.

To remain a Good Sports + Healthy Minds club, all you have to do is complete six activities over a three year period.

Good Sports Healthy Minds is possible thanks to funding from the Department of Health and Human Services in Tasmania.