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Good Sports Healthy Eating


Healthier Happier

Health issues, due to poor nutrition, are estimated to cost Australians more than $5 billion each year. Our response to the growing issue is the introduction of the Good Sports Healthy Eating program for Queensland and the ACT.

Good Sports Healthy Eating promotes healthy food and drink within sports clubs. It is all about making gradual changes to the management of alcohol and provision of food within the club, building more healthy, safe and family-friendly environments.

In Queensland the program follows the Queensland Government-approved Food for Sport guidelines and is funded by the Queensland Government and backed by NAQ Nutrition.

In the ACT, it is based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines and is funded by ACT Health.

By introducing healthier food and drink options to their players, members and guests, clubs are promoting healthy eating messages leading to healthier clubs and members. With the rate of obesity currently sitting at around 60% in adults and 25% in children and adolescents, and still increasing, it’s time to step up and make a change in your club.

What is it?

The program works with clubs to develop a Healthy Eating Policy and focusing on the following areas:

• Safe food handling
• Increasing the range of healthy food and drink options
• Increasing the nutritional quality of food provided
• Working with clubs on offering healthier food including recipes
• Displaying and promoting healthy food and drink options
• Healthy fundraising ideas

The benefits

• Parents and children will have a range of healthy food and drink options available to purchase from the canteen and/or BBQ
• Coaches and Managers will have advice on what foods and drinks are best to provide junior members for any occasion
• All members of the club will see healthy food and drink options and messages displayed prominently around the club and at the canteen
• Sponsors and members of the community will recognise the club as a leader in promoting and encouraging healthy lifestyles, potentially leading to increased revenue

Recipes, resources and workshops – chop chop, get to it!

The Healthy Eating program brings you lots of new tips and tricks. With our great collection of Healthy Eating resources you’ve got everything you need to make your club healthier, including some delicious recipes we worked on with NAQ Nutrition.

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Queensland workshops

Each club is invited to run nutrition workshops which are delivered by qualified Nutritionists:

1. Feeding Active Kids – learn what to feed kids before, during and after sport.
2. Healthy Tips for Sports Clubs – learn about providing healthy food options, food label reading, menu review, recipe modification, marketing, promotion and pricing.

Keep checking the events page to see if there are workshops in your area. And if there aren’t, why not host one!

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This program is currently only available for clubs in Queensland and the ACT.

Healthier Happier

This program is funded by the Queensland Government and ACT Health.