Tips for writing a top nomination

Each year, we receive hundreds of amazing nominations from clubs who are entering the Good Sports Awards.

We love reading about the pride people have for their clubs, the passion they have for their communities and we’re inspired by the number of people working together to reduce harm from alcohol and other drugs within Australia.

There’s always a few that really stand out though. They’re the ones that tell us a story. They’re the ones that tell us what makes that nomination so special.

In saying that though, writing a spectacular nomination doesn’t have to be a daunting process. You just need a game-plan which is why we’ve written some pointers for you to follow when writing your nomination.

Start with the important stuff.

Tell us why your nomination deserves to win? Write about the activities and actions the nominee has done that makes them stand out. Does this go above and beyond the norm? What impact has the nominee had on their community? Give us the nitty gritty. Most importantly, what is it that has inspired you to take the time to write your nomination? That’s going to give you the foundation for your nomination.

Who is your audience?

That’s easy! It’s us. We’ve been working with you to support your club through your Good Sports Journey so you already know what we are looking for. Take a look at our Good Sports values. The people on the judging panels are just as dedicated to making a difference in community sport as you are. Your audience is already interested in what you’re doing so don’t go overboard with the jargon or whip out a thesaurus to use words you wouldn’t use in everyday conversation. Just talk to us and share your story.

Strengthen your nomination by painting a picture of the person. What motivates them to make a difference? What personal challenges have they overcome in their life? Why do they inspire others? How does this person make you feel?

Use real life examples.

Demonstrate why your nominee deserves to win with proof. Whether your nominee is leading the charge to create positive change within your community, providing a supportive, inclusive network that strengthens your community or the person staying back late each night to repaint the club house, we want to know the back stories and the impact they’ve had.

What are the facts?

Where possible, support your nomination with the facts and reliable statistics.

Quality over quantity.

A long-worded nomination isn’t always the best nomination. Less is more to try to keep your sentences short and concise, and avoid repetition. Steer clear of statements that don’t offer new information.

Stick to the selection criteria

We’re looking for nominations that will inspire us and encourage the 7800+ Good Sports clubs across Australia to strive to be. We want nominations from the clubs, people and organisations who are making significant contributions to their communities and are role models we can all be proud of so make sure your nomination addresses the

Check eligibility

Take the time to check that your nominee meets the eligibility criteria.


Let’s go! Fill in the correct nomination form online and make sure you follow the tips. We’ll be in touch when your nomination has been processed. Best of luck!

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