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Victor Harbor is a popular holiday resort on South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula. Established over a century ago, the Victor Harbor Golf Club is one of the most scenic courses in Australia. But there’s more to the club than its panoramic views. Victor Harbor Golf Club is thriving with passionate members and plenty of community spirit.

Of a weekend, you’ll find groups of members and guests teeing off. But you’ll also see them maintaining the club’s garden beds, emptying rubbish bins and topping up the sand bins.

“A number of members put their hand up to help with day to day tasks on the course so that staff can concentrate on the more demanding and specialist jobs,” the club committee explains.

With members as young as six through to those well into their nineties, the club is clearly doing something right.

“If there is one thing that sets us apart from other clubs, it is the warm, friendly and inviting ambience.”

A proud member of the Good Sports program, Victor Harbor is committed to inspiring a healthier community, one where everyone feels safe to play and enjoy golf.

“Golf really is a sport that all ages can participate in. But it’s also a time consuming sport, so if we can make it appealing for the whole family we may be able to attract more people to the game.”

As part of the program, the club has worked hard to make sure that it’s a place where everyone in the community feels welcome. With the help of Good Sports, they have implemented Alcohol Management and Safe Transport Policies, helping to make club celebrations more appealing for all members of the community.

This approach has had a range of important benefits for the club, from bringing in new members to strengthening the club’s financial position.

“By showing we have a safe club culture and are engaging the local community, we have been seen upon favourably in applying for certain grants,” explains the committee.

It’s simple steps like these that have helped to maintain a steady membership at the club. The trick, according to Victor Harbor, is to engage more diverse groups with dedicated programs for new members and a family-friendly club environment.

“The most appealing part of being associated with Good Sports is how the club is seen amongst the local community.”

Victor Harbor is truly leading the way with its efforts in championing inclusivity. And with it, reaping the rewards. For a sport that is historically dominated by men, the club is proud to have an active club community which includes over 35 per cent women.

“Golf is a sport for all ages and the more we are encouraging a safe environment for all ages and genders, the more people we will hopefully see come through our doors.”

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