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We wanted to help local clubs understand the reasons why people become members of their local sporting club. How did the Good Sports community choose their local club? And what are some of the ways that local clubs can learn from these stories? We put the question to our followers and the results speak for themselves!

Consider using these responses to think about the way that you market your club:

  • What are the benefits your club often refers to when getting new members on board? Have you considered these benefits before?
  • Can you imagine people from your club saying similar things? There may be areas where your club could improve.
  • Finally, why not harness the passion of your members and ask them why they joined YOUR club. This information can be used as testimonials to share with new members, and can help you to identify your strengths.


Because it’s a place where the whole family feels welcome…

Rhiannon “We choose our clubs because my children love the sports/activities; they are something our whole family can be a part of and enjoy; the people at those clubs become like family.”

Jo: “The Benalla Rovers provided a collective role model for my family. Teaching them about commitment, community involvement, fun and fitness.

Corralee: “To allow my boys to play among friends, however we have found a family club which we all now love so much and all members of our family, including grandparents, are welcomed, included, celebrated.”


Because of our family history…

Ben: “My first Footy and Cricket Clubs were because it was the club my dad played for.”

Donna: “Blighty football and Netball Club is in a small community and they are really family. It’s also a generation club my kids play at the some club as their cousins, uncles and aunts as well as great uncles and aunts!”


Because of the positive club environment…

Alex: “Pooraka cricket club because everyone makes you feel welcome no matter what grade you’re in.”

Gina: I chose my club Wodonga Saints because it’s my home, my family and has my heart.

Miriam: Knox Bmx club, family-oriented, fantastic village to belong to.

Georgia: “I chose River City Cali Dance Studio because of the club environment. I have never met a bunch of people who are so supportive for every single member of every age group.”


Because of the cost-factor…

Gary: Balga Soccer Club! This club is doing Fee Free Football for next season. Crazy to think it costs so much for children to participate in structured sport.

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