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Healthy food choices before and during sport support good energy levels, help maintain your endurance and keep your concentration focused. This allows you to get the best out of your body and contribute to your team’s on-field success. Off the field, good nutrition is important for optimal recovery and for your maintained health and wellbeing.

Sporting clubs have an opportunity to improve performance and gain a competitive edge by promoting and offering healthy food and drink choices for their members and community alike. This shows leadership, provides role modelling and supports a positive healthy environment – a win for everyone!



  • Take a look at some simple swaps to fuel your performance. Power up before your game with a healthy snack – try dried fruit and nuts, tinned fruit in juice, a fruit smoothie or fruit toast.
  • Shoot for healthy half-time snacks – fruit pieces, popcorn and reduced-fat yoghurts are always winners. Take a look at these Healthy snacks tips for Good Sports Junior clubs in NSW and VIC.
  • For concentration and coordination, remember to stay hydrated with regular sips of water before, during and after your sports. Check out these ideas for promoting water.
  • Introduce greater choice at your club – Healthy food and drink choices for you and for your canteen can be a great way to reduce less popular items and promote healthy lifestyles.



The Good Sports Healthy Eating program is available to clubs in QLD, NSW and ACT.

Interested in helping your club members to make healthier choices? Register your interest for the program here.

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