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Penrith Community Unites for Ziad

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There is nothing like sport that brings people together.

And there’s nothing stronger than the bond of a community when the going gets tough.

In Penrith, Sydney, 12-year-old Ziad Soltani is in desperate need of major surgery to remove a growing brain tumour  and the life-saving operation costs an overwhelming $100,000.

The St. Clair Comets Junior and his family live in the fear that he could be paralysed in 12 months and pass away in five years if the tumour isn’t removed.

Ziad has already undergone two emergency brain surgeries forcing him to miss periods of school and footy games.

Enter the man of the moment and hero – Mitchell Beggs-Mowczan – who has rallied the rugby league community together to funds for the life-saving operation.

Beggs-Mowczan is a Mounties Ron Massey Cup player and is fond of the ill youngster through their love of rugby league.

So far, Beggs-Mowczan has helped raise over $65,000 by creating a GoFundMe page for the family and generated a lot of support when he and several NRL stars created a get-well video for Ziad.

Panthers studs Reagan Campbell-Gillard, Nathan Cleary, Bryce Cartwright and Dallin Watene-Zelezniak as well as Michael Lichaa of the Bulldogs left their heartfelt messages and best wishes.

Penrith Juniors and St. Clair – both part of Good Sports – are also part of the mission, collecting much-needed funds from around the area. Penrith Juniors are holding a raffle with all proceeds being donated to Ziad’s treatment.

Being a true winner is about supporting your team mate on and off the field. And the Penrith community is a shining example of lending a helping hand in times of need.


To donate, go to:

Or be part of the Penrith Juniors raffle to help raise funds. Prizes include a trip for two at the 2017 NRL Auckland Nines and Penrith Panthers season passes. To enter contact:

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