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About Good Sports

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It’s a big picture approach to tackling a big problem

Good Sports is an award winning program and has grown into the biggest health initiative in Australian sport, with a network that covers every level of sport – from grassroots to elite. We’re working to tackle key health issues of alcohol, smoking, obesity and mental health.

Clubs move through the three levels of the program over 3+ years and Good Sports is there to help every step of the way.

Clubs involved in Good Sports reap the rewards of having more participants, spectators and sponsors, along with a vastly improved environment for children and families.

Good Sports

Good Sports’ major focus is to support sporting club committees progressively change the way alcohol is managed in all activities within the club’s grounds and associated functions. Good Sports provides guidance to meet State and Territory laws, provides support to reduce alcohol related risks and change binge drinking culture.

Good Sports Accreditation Level Summary

Level 1:
•    Liquor license
•    Bar management strategies
•    Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training
•    Smoke-free environment

Level 2:
•    Maintain Level 1 standards
•    Enhanced bar management (RSA training, etc.)
•    Food and drink options (low and non-alcoholic)
•    Safe transport policy
•    Diverse revenue generation

Level 3:
•    Maintain Level 1 & 2 standards
•    Alcohol management policy

At each level of accreditation the club must promote their involvement to members through signage, newsletters and social media as appropriate.


Good Sports has been taken up by a diverse range of community sporting clubs from mainstream sports to specialties like archery to wrestling. It is currently available in every state and territory of Australia.

Good Sports Healthy Eating

Good Sports + Healthy Eating promotes healthy food and drink within sports clubs. It’s all about making gradual changes to the management of alcohol and provision of food within the club, building more healthy, safe and family-friendly environments.

Good Sports Healthy Minds

Good mental health builds stronger clubs and helps everyone build their game. The Good Sports + Healthy Minds program can help clubs reduce the stigma around mental health problems and encourage people to seek help early.