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Every athlete gets their start somewhere

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A healthy, safe and supportive grassroots club can go a long way in ensuring our future sporting heroes represent the right values. After all, nearly every athlete gets their start at a community club.

We asked our Good Sports Ambassadors to reflect on the people and leaders that made their junior days so important. Read their stories, and consider how your club can role-model the right behaviour for club members, guests and future Aussie heroes.




 Jack’s memory reminds us that it’s the little things that make great leaders at local sporting clubs.  Jack’s junior AFL club, the Ashburton United Junior Football Club, is a Level 3 Good Sports club.



For Paige, it’s the people and leaders she met along the way that made her junior days so memorable.




We love this cute picture of Chris and his mum! Chris is proof that when parents lead by example, kids are more likely to play and enjoy sport. Chris’ junior club, the Cronulla RSL Youth Soccer Club is a Level 3 Good Sports club.




Marcelo is a talented winger who owes a lot to his junior club in Bankstown. We love this reflection he made in an article for the Players Tribune:

I love Belmore and the greater Canterbury-Bankstown region. I reckon just about every continent, every culture, every religion is represented here. It’s like a little model of the whole world tucked away in south-western Sydney.

Here’s what I’ve noticed as I’ve got older. You can be from any part of the world, you can follow a different religion, you can even speak another language – but we are all the same in so many ways. When we talk and share our stories, it blows you away how similar our values and experiences are.


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